Is my furnace broken?

How do you know if your furnace is broken?

When it get’s cold outside, your furnace (which probably hasn’t run in almost a year now) fires up for the first time. New noises, some new smells and the time it takes to heat your home brings on a new set of questions. When do you know if you should call out a professional? Often, your heating and air conditioning system is thought of as a mythical machine that operates on some form of mechanical magic. Not all of us know exactly how these things work. To help you identify the standard operating procedure of most current model furnaces, we’ve put together this short video. Hopefully it helps to answer some basic questions you may have. Or maybe it serves as a conversation piece with one of our technicians. We’re here to help.

Keep in mind:

Not all furnaces are created equal. There are many specific differences for the furnace that is installed in your home and the furnaces shown in the video may not be identical to the one you have. It’s never a bad idea to have a professional tech come to your home for a wellness visit, or in some cases, you just know it’s broken and want us to help identify where the problem lies. We’re happy to come to your home and diagnose your system. Our “tune-ups” or “maintenance visits” start at just $79, and a full diagnosis of a broken furnace is $89. Call us now to make sure we can keep you warm for the winter.

If you?would like us to inspect your furnace please contact us

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