air conditioning repair in Indio Hills, CA

If your air conditioner could talk, it would probably tell you how much it?s dreading the summertime when you?ll need it to work the most. Sure most of us look forward to outdoor cookouts, relaxing by the pool or at the beach, and fireworks in July. However that also brings the intense heat that we all feel the need to escape from, and it?s far too easy to forget how much we depend on it to keep us comfortable. Here at Thomson AC we work all year long to make sure you AC is ready for the task, no matter how hot it gets, and sometimes that means providing air conditioning repair in Indio Hills, CA. This why we get so many calls once the temperature starts to rise in May.

Lots of Heat Means a Hard Working AC

Your air conditioner works by using refrigerant to cool the air already inside your home, pushing it out through fans, and then dispelling the warm air outside of your home through ducts. The more it has to work, the more air it has to push out, and that means more debris like lint and dirt it can catch in the process. This will then put more pressure on all of your internal parts, which often take on the heat you?re asking the AC to get rid of. Air conditioners are of course rugged machines that are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but after a while even the best systems suffer breakdowns it seems.

air conditioning repair in Indio Hills CA

Why a Lack of Maintenance in the Winter Is Bad News?

Maybe now you understand why it?s so important to change your filters every month! If your air conditioner has to fight through all of the crud that collects in your system, then just imagine the struggles it?s going to undergo. This could cause your utility bills to rise, your thermostat to malfunction, and ultimately the potential to have no source of cool air when summer does come around. Yearly maintenance helps keep your refrigerant charged, your thermostat working properly, your fuses and coils from breaking down, and avoid calling us if you need more expensive air conditioning repair in Indio Hills, CA in the near future.

What Should You Do?

Whatever you do, please don?t avoid calling us for tune ups and inspections when the times comes for us to visit again. This job is much simpler, quicker, and more affordable than a repair or replacement of your entire system. Our technicians are trained to look for any potential problems that may come up in the future, and have handled a wide range of system breakdowns. Change your filters, but don?t feel bad about calling us if you need some help. These problems rarely come at a convenient time and we will be happy to visit if you need us to. Give Thomson AC a call at 562-201-3014 and we?ll help you in whatever way we can!


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