It’s no secret that a business these days can spend a pretty penny on its servers, as a business can hardly function without a good network.

But when you put the rack and a bunch of other computer equipment in a closet or small room with little to no ventilation, you’ll find the room heats up rather quick. The problem is when these units get too hot, they run the risk of simply overheating, or just dying all together. So it’s extremely important to keep the temperature down.

Now there are many options when trying to keep your expensive servers cool.

But we have had the best success with the mini split. Sized properly to overcome the heat load, and you can maintain proper operational temperatures for your equipment. This will not only extend its life expectancy, but could prevent costly breakdowns. This saving you bigtime in the long run.

The recent job that we did for “The Paper Company” in Irvine, CA took care of all of these issues with an affordable mini-split air conditioner.

They were both impressed and thankful for the quality of workmanship that went into their server room. Thanks to a cooler environment for their servers, they will hopefully avoid a costly breakdown.

We have many pictures and videos on mini-split air conditioners, so make sure to check them out on our blog.

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