Thomson AC?added Air condoning to?this North Palm Springs,?CA home.

When we got the call?for this add AC in North Palm Springs CA?we couldn’t resist. We had been contracted to do a similar job for another unit in their home, and were ecstatic to go back and double their cooling capacity!

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[accordion_item title=”Project scope of work”]

Here’s a brief overview of the work performed:

  • ?Install new 3 Ton, 13 SEER, 1-Stage, Amana Condenser (ASX130361) in approved location in attic
  • Install new 3 Ton Evaporator Coil to furnace
  • Install new Honeywell PRO Digital Programable Thermostat (TH611) in existing location
  • Install new 240v dedicated hi-voltage electrical circuit from existing electrical panel to condenser location
  • Install new 3/4″-3/8″ Copper Refrigerant Lines between condenser and evaporator coil
  • Install new lo-voltage control wiring between furnace and new A/C Condenser
  • Install new 2-piece paintable lineset cover/s to conceal refrigerant lines on exterior of home
  • Install Plastic Pad under new condenser to ensure proper drainage
  • Install Earthquake Brackets securing new condenser to plastic pad
  • Install Fusible Power Disconnect and Electrical Whip at new condenser
  • Install new Condensation Removal Pump and 3/8? Copper Primary Condensation Drain Line to terminate where downstairs drain line terminates
  • Seal and Insulate all exposed sheet metal and connection points
  • Pressurize refrigerant lines with nitrogen to test for leaks and remove moisture
  • Pull vacuum on refrigerant lines and evaporator coil to remove all non-condensibles
  • Charge system with R-410a Refrigerant using Superheat and Subcool calculations
  • Test equipment to ensure proper operation

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Warranty? Yep. The customer’s equipment is backed by:

  • 10 Year Parts Warranty on Amana?equipment?Through Manufacturer
  • 2 Year Labor Warranty Through Thomson A/C

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Thomson AC’s Job Completion Timeline for This Job:

  • Equipment mounting and installation?- 1 Day
  • Beautification and details – 1 Days

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More Information about Daikin and Thomson Air Conditioning

  • Thomson A/C California Contractor’s License Number – 959811


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